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DIY Event Décor: Your Guide to Inspire Your Event's Vision.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Whether you're an event planner, wedding planner, bride-to-be, mom-to-be, or a corporate worker, you will always need to have a vision for your upcoming event. It could be how you want the food table displayed, welcome gifts, or where you want guests to sit.

Contrary to popular belief, no matter what you choose for decoration, unless you do it yourself, you are pretty much in for sticker shock and a big bill. For all of my events, I look for cheap versions of the things that are going to:

1. Not look tacky,

2. Timeless, and

3. Quality items

From centerpieces, place cards, and signage, I find that I can make pretty much anything I need myself. With enough time, anything is possible, and the best part... you save tons of money! Check out some of these trending DIY décor tricks to upgrade your events with little to no cost.


1. DIY Event Signs

First go online and create a template. You can make your own, or visit website like Etsy and purchase a customizable template. Them, take your graphic to a store like Staples and have it printed on a foam board. Then voilà you have the perfect signage to fir your needs.

Make sure all your wedding guests take a photo to commemorate your special day. Custom crafted homemade signs add just the right backdrop for the best Instagram photos from your event, a pretty place for your photographer to shoot photos of guests, and a cool sign to hang onto for many years, displayed in your home or perhaps on the back porch. It's simple...

2. DIY Photo Table Runner

This is such a fun way to display photos at a wedding or event, and also a fabulous conversation starter. You’ll need a strip of fabric (muslin can be bought at craft stores like Michaels), cut the length you would like your runner to be, but the width of it should be a little thinner than you want (we did ours floor length to add drama to the table) and copies of the photos you’d like to use. Old family wedding photos, engagement photos and childhood photos are perfect for this (if you don’t want to use original photos, you can print copies for a few cents each at cost effective photo printing places like Costco – or simply print them with your printer using photo paper).

#3. DIY Hurricanes

Reuse these beauties in your own home after your event. You'll need vases and candlesticks for however many you want to make. You can find the vases at Dollar Tree or at your local thrift store. Next, you want to glue the vases to the candle sticks with superglue or using a hot-glue gun. Once dry, you can fill with any items you want.


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